Courtesy of Andy Phillips of East Devon Training

The courses are on the following dates for this year.

National Beach Lifeguard Qualification Courses
28th March-1st April 2011
7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21 and 22nd May 2011
20th-24th June 2011
22nd-26th August 2011
3rd-7th October 2011

The course is open to candidates aged 16 and over and provides intensive theoretical and practical training in the theory and practices of Beach Lifeguarding, resuscitation, open water rescue skills and first aid. Beach Lifeguarding demands a range of different skills to allow for the varying conditions lifeguards may encounter. The main duties of a Beach Lifeguard are:
  • to supervise the activities and people on the beach 
  • to identify hazards and take preventative measures 
  • to endeavour to prevent accidents 
  • to provide water-safety and safe sunbathing advice 
  • to provide a point of contact for people on the beach 
  • to provide basic first aid
Every Candidate, prior to the commencement of a National Beach Lifeguard Qualification (NBLQ) course must :
Be 16 years of age prior to commencing a course of training. Must be able to meet the following basic fitness criteria:
  • Jump/dive into deep water
  • Swim 400m in a recommended time of 8 mins 
  • Swim 200m continuously on their front and back
  • Run at least 400m
  • Surface dive up to 2m

Club Members with an interest who fit the criteria fill in the following and let one of the seniors know!