Surf Life Saving Sport comes from the necessity to be fit to lifeguard the ocean.  Most of our training sessions fitness and sport training in one of the disciplines explained below. 

Ocean races have evolved from both traditional and modern lifesaving and lifeguarding techniques. In the past, this included the reel, line and belt event. Today, ocean racing has 3 main disciplines, prone paddleboard, surf ski, and swim. Racing sees the use of high-spec racing boards, based on the shape of the lifeguard rescue board but designed for speed, as well as the racing ski. Races are split into those based purely on individual speed and surf skills - such as the individual racing ski race, the board race and the surf swim - and team or pair events which involve a simulated rescue carried out as a race, such as the board rescue and the tube rescue. 

On the beach, speed, fitness and responses are tested in the beach sprint, 1km/2km runs and ‘beach flags', a spectator-friendly knock-out event.

These disciplines are combined to form the blue-ribbon event, the OceanMan (or Woman): a swim, run, board paddle and ski paddle (in any order). Events take place on different beaches throughout the summer season, many using uniquely challenging formats (such as a knock-out or handicapped race) and others using the more traditional format of separate races for each discipline.

We compete in local, regional and national events.  Club members have also previously represented Great Britain at the European and World Championships.