Todays Patrol

Today was an absolute scorcher, People descended onto Exmouth's sands in droves, today thanks to the newly qualified lifeguards we were able to run two outposts, one based at Orcombe Point the other was just in front of the Lifeboat slipway where our Arancia Surf Rescue boat was situated in case of Emergency.
We responded to 7 first aids, the escort and removal of 11 bathers from Orcombe sand bar and Kierron claimed his first official rescue to a young girl who was unable to swim back following hers and her Fathers lengthy swim out to sea.
A Jellyfish was removed from Orcombe away from the bathers. However it got the last snigger as it managed to stick its tentacle to the side of one of our Lifeguards legs before being disposed of.
We offered advice and information on tides, beach topography, Exmouth's concessions and Exmouth's Landmarks to over 50 individuals and families at Orcombe Point alone.

The volunteers did well today and look forward to improving on our new move towards Orcombe and the rookies experience as we move into the busier periods of the summer.