London Triathlon

Courtesy of Swim Safety and the organisers of the London Triathlon the Arancia went to the capital to provide a rescue boat service for the competitors taking part in any of the 3 swim distances. The team that travelled up were BK Flic Maff and Tom.

Over the weekend the team worked hours from 4am until 7pm to cover the races and picked a handful of swimmers out of the water that got in to difficulty during this time.

Travelling up in the Prosite Van the boat was deflated just enough to provide a very comfy platform for the 7+ hour journey up due to both traffic volume and a fire in the Dartford tunnel.
We also used this event to show the clubs pioneering rescue techniques using a stand up paddleboard Courtesy Of Tids who with Jim also joined the Kayak teams to provide a higher point of visibility and help swimmers if required.
A tiring but overall  great weekend was had and our presence was a great success, to celebrate we stopped of to grab some food at the famous Ace Cafe