Fairway Buoy Swim 2011

This year the 48th annual Fairway Buoy swim took place this year on the 15th of may, this year 26 entrants braved the surprisingly frigid waters.(11-12 degrees Celsius.).7 of which have been successful channel crossing swimmers.
The Club Provided Safety cover in a number of ways this year.
The Club Arancia crewed by Sarah Beresford and Nigel Snowshall himself a previous victor over the events gruelling mileage.

We provided half a dozen Cobra Ski Paddlers here's Sophie Waddell guiding out the lead swimmers.
And the ultimate in Paddling safety due to the ability to cover large distances and the bonus of a elevated paddling position providing excellent visibility to ensure comprehensive safety, the one thing that Exmouth as a club is gradually gaining acclaim for, Our Rescue Stand Up Paddleboard.
Piloted by Big Keith Hoppins he successfully guided this competitor the few miles out to sea through the deep water chop and back to the Union Jack they all departed from.