Compass Bearing Challenge

Strolling out of the Plume of Feathers in Princetown on a route planned by Snowy but only noted down as 6 figure grid references, we attempted to use all our newly learned skills to navigate in a thick mist despite the seriousness of the task there was enough time look good in this artistic windswept pose

The route took us over many swolen rivers which for those smug and of normal leg length was fine
however miss Slatter was at a slight disadvantage here as the youngest of junior members have now overtaken her in the height stakes

 but undeterred she took on another river and with Snowy on catching duty helped her achieve what those little legs have always dreamt of the oppurtunity to match the juniors agility

Look how she glides through the air so majestic, so elegant, oh so beautiful
When the weather turned we took refuge on a Tor, and to our delight the young Will Bowd took it upon himself to serenade us with his whistle
Before scaling the Tor and performing a little dance to ensure our morale was sky high

Snowy watched intensely and sketched and noted down all the moves and we expect to see his own rendition at the next presentation evening