Exmouth’s volunteer Lifeguards kept busy It was a busy start to the season for Exmouth’s volunteer lifeguards.

Members of the Exmouth Beach Rescue Club were preparing for their first patrol of the season on Saturday when a routine maintenance day turned out to be an unexpected early start to the season.

Strong winds accompanied with scorching temperatures brought people flocking to Exmouth’s golden sands to enjoy every beach activity from sunbathing to extreme kitesurfing.

Club lifeguards were called into action several times dealing with incidents on the water and first aid on shore. 

Sunday saw the first official patrol of the summer and despite variable weather saw thousands enjoying the delights of the beach. Before the day got going the Arancia rescue boat attended a broken down Jet Ski and towed it safely ashore.

The Arancia Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB)is one of the best surf rescue craft available capable of being operated around swimmers due its special prop guard and can tow small craft with relative ease, Exmouth Beach Rescue Volunteers train with this craft on a regular basis to ensure both the crew and boat are able to function in all prevailing conditions.

The outgoing tide during most of the day caused most of the incidents with many people and craft being dragged out to sea.

The low tide brought the usual incidents of cut feet from both adults and children rock pooling on Maer rocks.

 EBRC volunteers now run 2 patrolled bathing areas from 10 am to 6pm every Sunday during the summer one opposite the main clubhouse and an additional area at Orcombe point. These areas are to encourage safe bathing for all beach visitors and avoid injuries to bathers from hard craft such as kitesurfers, stand up paddleboards, jet skis and windsurfers.

 Club spokesman Nigel Snowshall said “with the increased usage of the water across many disciplines it is vital that effective zoning is implemented to ensure the safety of all beach and water users.

The club has worked with East Devon District Council to ensure the clubs contribution to the overall safety plan for Exmouth is used as effectively as possible. With an increase in members we have been able to expand our operations to the two areas giving the public greater choice and additional safety.

The Council and rescue organisations have to adapt to the geographical changes which have been occurring so dramatically over the past few years along the beach and the club has been at the forefront of planning to deal with these.

Some changes may not always be popular with one section or another but we would ask all users to appreciate that the overall concern is for the safety of all not just one particular group” The club urges anyone who is not fully familiar with changes in the zoning arrangements to ask for advice.

 We would like to remind all members of the public to swim between the red over yellow flags and ask a lifeguard about the prevailing conditions. Remember the sea temperature is still below normal for this time of year so take care and consider wearing a wetsuit or limit your exposure to avoid suffering from the cold.