Beware of beach barbeques

Volunteer Lifeguards from the Exmouth Beach Rescue Club were called to treat a teenager, on holiday from Dudley, for serious burns to his hand following a family barbeque on the beach at the weekend. The boy had leaned on the hot sand underneath the disposable barbeque after they had finished cooking and the unit removed for disposal.
The 15 year old was treated at the Club Headquarters before attending Exmouth Minor Injuries Unit for further treatment.

 Club Senior Lifeguard Nigel Snowshall said “Every year we have many similar incidents as a result of barbeques used on the beach. The sand underneath the barbeque heats up to such a degree that it can cause burns to the skin up to two hours after the barbeque has been removed. We advise people to allow the barbeque to cool down then carefully fill the tray with cold water taking care to avoid any steam, only then remove the barbeque and dispose of carefully. The sand beneath should also be cooled using water to avoid burns often to peoples feet as they walk along the sand”.

 Mr Snowshall added “The problem is the sand shows no visual sign of being hot but can be hot enough to cause serious burns down to a depth of several inches. We don’t want to spoil peoples fun but would urge everyone to take care and follow these simple instructions regarding barbeques on the beach.” Earlier in the day the club provided safety cover for the Exmouth Swimming and Life Saving Society’s annual Fairway Buoy Swim in addition to providing two patrolled bathing areas along the beach and dealt with several incidents throughout the day.