London Triathlon

Members Maff Richardson, Keith Hoppins, Vicky Gall, Kierron Dinsdale and Fin Cawthera attended this years event and here is a few of the highlights

preparing to depart
 anchoring the boat and returning to the regatta centre look at the glorious technique as Fin tries to save Kierron from drowning as he didn't wear his armbands.
preparing for boat collection the morning after
invites us to provide both boat cover 

and Pontoon Lifeguards

To assist the competitors in any way that may be required come rain

Or shine

Exmouth are always the social creatures

The event comprises some 11,000 competitors across the whole weekend
The event requires a lot of energy and can be quite exhausting

which unfortunately doesn't leave much conversation for Maff on the drive home

and be advised waking Kierron is unwise
Unless you consider this beautiful